About Genius Nordic

As an entrepreneur myself, being my own boss for 15 years and consulting many business owners throughout the years I know the struggles all too well. For several years I was living in the grind myself. Until I realized in my bookkeeping business that sitting in front of a computer the whole day was not something I enjoyed. I like to be more creative, come up with business ideas and bring those ideas to the market and empower business owners to create change in their own business and lives. So I started working more as a partner with my clients and consult them to a new found freedom, happiness and fulfilment. Being an entrepreneur and business owner is not easy, but It can be whole lot enjoyable and meaningful. That is what I am here to do with you.

If you are determined to create change in your business life, I’d like to offer you a free consultation to begin the conversation. You can connect here on LinkedIn or e-mail me at kawa@geniusnordic.com, whatever you prefer.


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